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What is screen printing or silk screening?
This refers to the process of “burning” a screen with a desired layout, adding plastisol ink and pushing it through the screen onto a piece of apparel, and finally sending it through a dryer to “cure”.
What is your shipping policy?

We ship to anywhere in the US and many countries Internationally. Shipping takes 8-15 days for all orders in the US and an additional 7-10 days to International destinations.

How long do projects take to complete?
Turnaround time varies with the nature of the order and the time of year. In most cases, a project from 72 pieces on up can be completed within 5 to 12 working days.
Do you provide the artwork?
Customers are welcome to provide their own artwork, logo, photo, layout, drawing, etc. for a project. If a customer does not have existing artwork, our graphic arts department can do some, or all the work to ensure a quality finished product.
Who has copyrights to the artwork?
SS Shirts retains copyright to all artworks produced in house unless a written release is provided by SS Shirts. All artworks provided by clients are copyright their respective owners.
What is the charge for SS Shirts to do the artwork?
SS Shirts charges $75.00 per hour for artwork modified or completed by our graphic arts department.
Does SS Shirts keep the screens or artwork on file?
Typically we store a hard copy and computer backup of all artwork. We do not keep screens, but usually re-burn them at no charge for reorders placed within 12 months of the original order.
Who owns the screens burned for a project?
SS Shirts owns the screens burned for all projects. When screens are “burned” the customer is paying a screen usage charge. The customer is not paying to purchase the screens, but instead, a rental and labor charge for the preparation and usage of the screens.

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SS Shirts has a large selection of items including T-shirts, sweatshirts, sport and casual shirts, caps, jackets and much more. From start to finish it takes careful planning to have a successful sportswear program. SS Shirts prides itself on the finest designs, quality workmanship, and the best service possible.

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Our staff comes with over 100 years of hands on experience. We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality ink products available.


The key to being a great embroidery provider is to have a keen attention to detail. Our in-house art department helps bring projects to life.

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We work with our clients to determine what is best for their project. Whether you know exactly what you want or want to grant us the creative freedom to design something, we have you covered!